Leadership is all about the responsibility to take care of people around us. Leadership requires practice and it can be learned, whenever we are talking about a strategic manager, human resources directors or a CEO. ?Developing your own leadership brand inside and outside your organization conveys your identity and distinctiveness as a leader. It allows you to be prepared for new professional challenges, be seen as a brand ambassador of your company, and at the same time, increases the quality of your relationships with your teams, key customers, and partners, enabling you to generate maximum value.

Leaders with no sense of their personal ’why’ and without a strong awareness of their best self-identity tend to cause uncertainty, insecurity and stress, even dissonance through inconsistent or uncertain actions.

Our approach helps you develop a deeper understanding of what effective leadership looks like for you. Rather than telling what it takes to be a leader, we’ll guide you to better understand yourself, the people in your team, and the context in which you operate, so you can build the capacity to lead effectively.

It’s about creating and communicate your vision, engagement and embrace your company’s organizational culture

Bill Owens

True leadership lies in guiding others to success. In ensuring that everyone is performing at their best, doing the work they are pledged to do and doing it well.


Our global framework to Leadership


Understand how you are perceived by those who surround you. Your teams, your customers, and what they expect from you as a leader, are key for your success. A strong leadership brand is always outward focused as it is all about the marketplace expectations of your behavior.


Set the goals and your leadership brand competency requirements, along with the fundamental skills you need to acquire, and the behaviors and differentiators you should evidence inside and outside your organization.
Singularis Global Leadership Framewor
Assess Perceptions and Expectations
Understand how you are perceived and what are the expectations people have from you as a leader and a as representative of your organization.
Define Goals
Reaching the recognition of a strong leadership brand defining what you need to accomplish, what to develop, and what be known for.
Reshape and Reinvent your Brand
Develop the necessary skills and behaviors to reflect a strong leadership brand and start living it authentically.
Monitor and Mesure
Monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments to acomplish your goals.


An individual program to develop, train, and coach you to acquire and enhance the necessary skills and behaviors in order to achieve your goals. Put everything into action and live your brand. It’s the reshaping of your leadership brand, which will cover several areas of personal development with a significant focus on self-awareness.


To be recognized as a leadership brand takes time and effort. Tracking the progress and make the necessary adjustments over a long term is critical to achieving your success as a leader. You will be working different KPI’s, which will allow you to understand how you are being perceived according to what it is expected, as well as the impact of leadership brand model inside the organization.


What can we provide to you
  • CEO / Executive Branding

    Increase your visibility and credibility as a CEO. Work your executive presence to create the necessary impact in your career and within your company that attracts the opportunities and clients you want.

  • Reputation Management

    Understand how you and your company is seen online. Define the right strategies to monitor, repair and prevent reputations issues. Develop a reputation aligned with your company’s goals.

  • Singularis Value-based Team Leadership

    Value-based Team Leadership

    Develop a value-based leadership, and improve your leadership supported by what really motivates you. Discover your leadership style based on your drivers. Be an authentic leader.

  • Leadership Branding

    Shaping focused and effective leaders aligned with company’s strategy and goals, who leverages their singularity and uniqueness to drive performance and build a lasting value. The alignment between corporate brand and your personal brand.

  • Social Branding

    Use social networks in a correct and effective way, with a special focus on LinkedIn, to position yourself as a specialist and a go-to-person in your field.

  • Singularis Executive Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    Work through a customized series of activities to identify your strengths as a leader, as well as the opportunities for you to become even more effective in your leadership role.


Benefits of investing in Leadership Development

  • Organizations that build branded leaders significantly outperform their competitors.
  • Developing a singular leader model reaffirms company’s brand.
  • The company will draw closer to customers and prospects.
  • Organizations better able to deliver strategic and operational results.
  • Increases reputation360º.
  • Consistent approach to cultural change.
  • Improves productivity leading to top line results.
  • Ability to plan a future growth with confidence.
  • Better committed and engaged teams.

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