Like a fingerprint, every human being has its unique motivational profile, which rules all of our actions and behaviors. All of us respond to most motivators in some way but without exception, we all have one that drives us the most. The motivational research by

American Professor Steven Reiss forms the scientific basis for the standardized assessment Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP). He identified a total of 16 basic desires, common to all people. These basic desires or motives are psychological needs that we seek to satisfy in a recurrent way throughout our lives, determining our behavior and engagement, both personally and professionally.

These 16 motifs are shaped by our genes and our early experiences, in childhood and youth, and remain constant throughout our lives, providing us with a stable orientation.
Unlike many other personality assessment tools, the Reiss Motivation Profile® reveals a person’s total desire, motives, and value structure. Each person seeks, wants or needs every single one of the 16 reasons with a different intensity, translating their uniqueness and personality, refuting the idea of a hierarchy of motives or needs equal for all.

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Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

The 16 Basic Desires



The desire to influence and lead others.



The desire for self-reliance.



The desire for knowledge and thinking.



The desire for inclusion and approval.



The desire for order, organization and stability.



The desire for collect things.



The desire to raise one’s own children.



The desire for social justice.



The desire for beauty and romance.



The desire for food and dishes.



The desire for emotional calm and to be secure.


Vengeance / Winning

The desire to get even and win.

Social Contact

Social Contact

The desire for relationship with others.



The desire for social standing / importance.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

The desire to work out of the body.



The desire to be loyal to one’s parents, and moral values.


Reiss Motivation Profile® (RMP) is a concrete, detailed image of a person’s individual basic desires, motives, and values. The name comes from the professor of psychology, Steven Reiss, whose team asked thousands of people in 1995-1998 what motivates them and what makes them happy. The result is the world’s first scientifically proven approach to human motivation.

Reiss Motivation Profile® is the only personality tool on the market which looks at the underlying reasons, in other words, the root causes of human behavior, and as such gets to the bottom of the fundamental, immutable aspects of individual personality.

Reiss Motivation Profile® complies the following scientific criteria:

  • Objectivity: all qualified persons must be able to carry out and then interpret the test results by applying the same criteria
  • Validity: the 16 scales show high levels of concurrent and criterion-related validity. Several scales also show high convergence validity.
  • Social desirability: social desirability - checked using Marlowe-Crowne Social Desirability Scale (MCSDS) - is under three percent.
  • Test-Retest-Reliability: the four-week Test-Retest-Reliability of the 16 scales scores between 0.69 and 0.88, internal consistency - measured using Cronbachs Alpha - between 0.71 and 0.92.

You can read about the test/retest validity of Reiss Motivation Profile® here

Many tests instruments group people into generalized?categories, Reiss Motivation Profile? (RMP) doesn’t.

Each person gets a completely individual profile, we like to call it your motivation fingerprint, that shows information on the expression of the 16 basic desires. RMP can produce more than 6,000,000,000 different personality profiles combinations. RMP is also the only empirically developed and scientifically valid tool to measure individual motivation.

RMP does not study behavior but explains how and why a certain behavior can be observed. RMP allows you to discover and understand each person natural talent and potential, which can be derived from the individual value system.

Contrary to other instruments that show the individual?s personality traits, RMP explains what motivates those traits, as so it can be a complement to most personality instruments used in the market.

There are several essential points to bear in mind regarding the practical application of the theory of the 16 basic desires:

  • Each basic desire can be a performance driver.
  • Basic desires which are either particularly strong or weak in an individual are equally strong performance drivers.
  • A basic desire never exists in isolation as the combination of basic desires is important.
  • Each person prioritizes their basic desires according to their values, and they are the basis of our motivation.
  • Basic desires are about intrinsically valued goals and satiating intensity.
  • Basic desires predict behavior in natural environments.
  • Motivation is highly multifaceted.
  • Each of the sixteen basic desires can be considered as a continuum of motivation.
  • A point on this continuum shows the intensity of motivation.
  • Each intensity is stable over a long period of our lives, with possible minor variations.

The Reiss Motivation Profile? (RMP) can be used in the following areas:

  • Leadership Development
  • Recruitment
  • HR Management
  • Potential?Analysis
  • Sales Performance
  • Customer Relationship
  • Team Building
  • Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Sports


Our global framework for Motivation Profiling


Fill the online questionnaire which consisting of 128 questions about your life motives. For each question, you should select an answer on a seven-point scale. The test takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete.



Individual debriefing session, facilitated by an RMP certified professional, who will present and explain the 16 basic motives and, will conduct you through a discovery process. During this session you will understand the dynamics of all 16 motives and how they take form in your daily personal and professional routine.



You are now more aware of what really drives you! This phase is composed by several steps, aiming the implementation of new routines and actions in order to make possible for you to be aligned with your values and with what you really are.

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What can we provide to you
  • RMP Individual Discovery

    Discover what really drives you and who you are and how you are similar and different from other people. Develop true value-based happiness and improve your performance in many areas of life.

  • RMP for Leaders / Managers

    Develop a value-based leadership, and improve your leadership supported by what really motivates you. Discover your leadership style based on your drivers. Be an authentic leader.

  • RMP for Sales Professionals

    Define new approaches to deal with conflicts, be a better negotiator, and position the competence of relations as the key to sales success. Lear to be a better professional with RMP.

  • RMP for Coaching

    Help the coachee in a simple and precise manner to understand his/her motivational structure and a better understanding of itself. Create a firm basis for further co-operation and lasting success.

  • RMP for Teams

    Develop a motivation-based team. identify the motivators of each team member, predict their behaviour, improve team relationship and their performance.

  • RMP for Employee Development

    Develop more engaged and happy professionals with RMP. Use value-based happiness to increase productivity and reduce work stress supported by employee individual motives.

  • RMP for RH Professionals - Certification

    Motivation translates into work behavior, communication style and willingness to change. Recruit professionals based on their drivers and allocate the right person to the right role.
    Be a RMP Certified RH Professional.

  • RMP Master Certification

    Be an RMP Master Certified Professional.
    Lear how to use RMP in your company or to your coaching practice and how to integrate it in your methodologies.


Benefits of investing in Motivation Profiling
  • Develop more authentic and effective leaders.
  • Develop strong teams where members truly understand each other and how to work towards common goals.
  • Understand the inner drive of your employees to meet challenges and goals.
  • Recruit professionals with the right motivations for the role.
  • Put the right professional in the right job.
  • Reduce burnouts by understanding the motives behind stress and acting upon them.
  • Provides a better understanding of yourself, others and the social dynamics in which you are in, and that will help you to enhance your Personal Brand.
  • Align your goals with your values, mobilizing your driving force to achieve them.
  • Predict your behavior and be mentally prepared for all situations.
  • Increase the knowledge of what motivates you, allowing to choose the context where you can "shine".

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