Public speaking is an act of leadership required to educate, inspire, and induce action both internally with your teams and externally within your market. The way you communicate through your speech is one of the main aspects to build 1st impressions and enhance your reputation.

Investing in your public speaking skills allows you to establish contact with your audience and to influence through inspiring speaking, in a simple way, with relevant terms, delivering a concept easy to understand, speaking in practical terms and in a way that everyone in the audience can relate to it and enjoy.

In Singularis Human Consulting we go deeper into the inner mechanisms of public speaking confidence, emphasizing content, personality, and authenticity. By combining methods from neuroscience, learning theory and coaching to produce practical approaches, we turn communicators into public speaking leaders.

Are you ready to step up and speak out?

Joseph Conrad

He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word. The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense.


Our global framework to Public Speaking


Our assessing process starts with a precisive analysis on how you prepare and deliver your speeches. We review several key aspects regarding the speech structure, voice, style, visuals, among other variables related to your role, goals and speaking engagements. The purpose is to gain a clear understanding of how you communicate and where you need to improve.


Creation of a powerful program that develops your communication skills ? as individuals or a team-, working with different approaches and tools in order to gather information, determine goals, adding the key ingredients and define a structure to prepare an effective speech or presentation. It includes ongoing evaluation for continued customization.


An important part of the success of a great speech or presentation comes from practice. The appliance of several techniques for you to practice your speech, monitored with extensive personal feedback and coaching to master your presentations skills.


The ’Moment of Truth’ as many professionals call it. When the moment comes you will be ready to deliver a powerful and inspiring speech or presentation, using all the technics you learn and practice.


We will set the stage for a continued learning and growth. You will receive feedback on both content and delivery regarding the presentations you did in public, and you will be able to have an ongoing improvement. Public Speaking is a continuous process, where we will guide you o became a polished and inspirational leader in every interaction.
Singularis Public Speaking framework
Find out your biggest strength as well as the area for improvement
We support you through appliance of different techniques in order for you to be able to create your story and builda structure for delivering it with the desired impact.
Practice makes perfection and with our support and unique approach, you will achieve it faster than you expected.
Be in the spotlight and be capable to deliver an inspiring and authentic speech with the right impact
Debrief and strablish an evolutive program aims to provide you with results of achievement, feedback on content, and guidance you to set the stage for a continued growth


What can we provide to you
  • Singularis Public Speaking Executive Program

    Executive Speaking Program

    Special program for executives with an applied learning methodology you can use to convey ideas with a powerful, inspiring, yet an authentic presence.

  • Singularis Voice and Speech Branding

    Voice and Speech Branding

    Use your speech and voice effectively to establish credibility, position yourself within your company, and enhance your reputation as a topic authority.

  • Singularis Body Language

    Body Language

    Stage presence. Body awareness and nonverbal communication in order to interact and manage the audience – Have control on your side and inspire with power.

  • Singularis Communication for Leaders

    Communication for Leaders

    Be a truly effective leader. Speak with clarity, conviction, and influence in any situation from formal and informal presentations, Q&A sessions, impromptu discussions to one-on-one conversations.

  • Singularis Presentation Skills

    Presentation Skills

    Use powerful visual aids and the right skills to present ideas and lead others to act on them. Transform yourself and change from an informational approach to an inspirational style that inspires the audience.

  • Singularis Image Management

    Image Management

    Create the right professional presence which sets you apart from others. Project the image you want, aligned with your true self, that represents the perceptions of your role, competence and character as judged by your key constituents.


Benefits of investing in Public Speaking
  • Increase company reputation
  • Increase company?s visibility
  • Ensure your professionals represent the organization well
  • Convey persuasive and efficient business messages
  • Create effective sales presentations
  • Improve feedback among your professionals
  • Improve communication between employees and with customers
  • Present yourself as an expert
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improve critical thinking skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Expand your social and professional network
  • Personalize your professional reputation
  • Create impact and inspire through presentations

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