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Latin word Singularis – /sin.ɡuˈlaː.ris/;

adjective, m,f – singular, unique, matchless, unparalleled,
extraordinary, remarkable, beyond the average

Your Partner to shape the future

The most effective way to bring value to a Client is to act as a partner. That is why we want to be yours.

Singularis Human Consulting is a human-centric company that believes in a better way of driving growth and success. Combining personal insights, strategy and the right communication, we have the opportunity to transform clients' mindset and uncover new ways to outstand in their business by leveraging their personal brands, both online and offline and enable a meaningful impact.

Singularis Human Consulting
Singularis Human Consulting

What Drives Us

We are driven to play as facilitators of a personal development process that seeks to go further, exploring people’s untapped resources and ideas, using them to make businesses more competitive, highly efficient with fully committed and happy people.

Our fuel comes from the diversity of experience, culture, thoughts, and backgrounds. From the respect to each individual and its freedom to shape their personal growth. And Integrity as a compass, basing the work with our clients on a Partnership Model as a cornerstone for sustainable achievements.

Our Philosophy

We base our work on a central operating philosophy &minus. Companies reach and increase results whenever people improve.

Our primary focus is placed upon people. ?We are committed to support individuals to establish their brand, providing them with the needed impact to become a valuable asset.

Singularis Human Consulting

Leadership Team

Nelson Emílio

Born in the highly competitive world of multinational IT companies, Nelson performed as a trainer and commercial director for 18 years in several countries, across three continents,  where he discovered the importance of Personal Brand and its impact on business, career progression and personal life.

Consultant, trainer and professional speaker in the Personal Branding, Communication and Leadership areas, Nelson is passionate about people and supports companies and leaders worldwide, in reputation management, and helping them reach success by taking advantage of their full potential through their Personal Brand.

He loves to talk and inspire people (even when he is not working) in public speaking events. He often challenges his limits when he is skydiving. Otherwise, he is trying to convince others to do it…

Nelson is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of Singularis Human Consulting. He is certified in Personal Branding (Reach, New York), Coaching (Erickson College), NLP, Master in Reiss Motivation Profile®, other psychometrics assessments, and currently one of the few professionals in Europe with a Social Branding Certification (LinkedIn).