At Singularis Human Consulting, we work based on a value creation principle. We design and implement the necessary programs to support the employees, increasing their efficiency, and strengthen their motivation, approaching your business from a single perspective as we work with the heart of your organization - your people - Have a strategy planning focus on human factors, allows your company to overcome the barriers that prevent your business from achieving extraordinary results.

How? Collecting several data – including quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, and experiential – that allow us to determine the best way to execute your strategy. We dive into your people’s skills, personality, routines, motivations, and habits, along with the work culture, discovering the best way to engage people, leveraging their singularity.

The result? Better leaders, happy and engaged employees, and faster results.

Who wouldn’t want that in their business?


Singularis Human Consulting team has developed and led every type of workshop to train and work with employees at different stages, within the organization, from new hires to senior executives. We develop programs that are practical and immediately applicable, according to organizations needs.

We approach training as a cycling process and not just a one-time experience. We developed a unique learning experience - before, during and after sessions - that extends your employees learning in depth and in time, guaranteeing their involvement after the program.

Singularis Academy programs create a training environment that generates real business value, allowing your employees to achieve the expected goals regarding business outcomes, providing tools applied in day-to-day activities in the "real world".


Coaching is a powerful process that impacts individuals, as well as their organizations.

Singularis Human Consulting offers leadership coaching, with our unique background specialized in working with C-level professionals - at both large and small companies -, guaranty that professionals improved professional clarity, enhanced relationships, and gain a sense of focus on reaching their full potential and goals. Organizations will benefit from decreased turnover, greater employee satisfaction, improved performance, and increased internal leadership talent.

Most of our coaching sessions are built on individual diagnostics, as 360º Assessments or Reiss Motivation Profile® that will help you and us to better understand your real You.

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